Thus was Stockholm built

Seven short films on the development of Sweden’s capital from the Late Middle Ages until today.

For Murmestare Embetet I Stockholm (The Stonemason’s Guild of Stockholm) in co-operation with Stockholm City Museum and the support of Stockholm Stads Brandförsäkringskontor. Directed, written and produced by Göran Gunér, Athenafilm. Cinematography and editing by Inu Enescu, Zooropa Production. Translation: Jonathan Mair, Narrator Adam Stone. Advisors: Helena Friman, Björn Hallerdt, Per Kallstenius. Music from Jan Johansson’s Music Through Four Centuries.

1. Late Middle Ages and Early Vasa Era 1470–1570.
2. Sweden’s Capital During Her Period as a Great Power 1630–1710.
3. The age of Liberty 1720–1772.
4. The Industrial City 1860–1905.
5. Building for the Welfare State 1905–1945.
6. Harvest Time and Record Years 1946–1982.
7. Time Now and Time to Come.